Title:   Aqua Pavilion
Location:   Submitted for 11 Magazine - Biomimicry Competition
Year:   2014

Description:      The Aqua Pavilion is a small public project designed to provide fresh drinkable water for both humans and animals. The pavilion is inspired by a seashell and uses a similar system to them. The seashells are considered the lunges of the salted waters since they filter the water of the seas inside their shells and release it as a cleansed water. With the same logic the Aqua Pavilion takes water from the nearby Canal and with the help of the reverse osmosis process filters the water and provides it as a clean, drinkable source. The pavilion is designed with layers from different materials using structural glass for both structural support and water pipes and marble as a base material. The shape of the building provides seating areas and easy access to the water for the animals.