Title:   Aqua Acoustic Relax Library
Location:   Seville, Spain
Year:   2015

Description:      The Aqua Acoustic relax library is a project designed and informed by a previous smaller project The Cake Slice. The library is a public building located in the heart of the historic center of Seville, Spain with the attempt to create a space where people can relax and escape the intensity of their daily routine. In order for that to be achieved various water features are designed around the site so that the water could act as a cooling system during the warm summer days and as a calming feature through the sound of falling water along different surfaces. The building is constructed as a solid concrete body that has an open floor plan. The roof is an ETFE system with an inflatable feature that prevents the building from overheating and still allows enough sunlight to come in. The building is designed around a special space at its center that represents an enclosed garden with an inner waterfall going from the roof of the second, final floor of the building to the ground floor.