Teodora Velkova




In June 2016 I graduated from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, majoring in BA Architecture, where I obtained my RIBA Part 1 certificate. During my studies there, I found I have a passion for the robust and sustainable architecture. ​


This led me to travel across the world to Beijing, China, where I worked for MAD Architects, exploring the boundaries of the 21st century organic architecture. That experience only increased my desire and strive to pursue a higher education in the field and become a full-fledged member of the architects' community.

For the past 3 years I have been working on completing UCLA's MArch program. And recently, I  graduated obtaining my first professional degree in Architecture. During my time as a student I gained experience working for firms like Perkins+Will and Kevin Daly Architects. I had the opportunity to be involved with different sized projects and to experience the dynamics of each stage of a project from SD through CD.


Now, as a recent graduate, I decided to experience a different work environment and for the past few months have been part of a high-end residential firm located in Laguna Beach. Working for a small firm, placed me in a very dynamic and fast pace environment, which allowed me to get expose to the production of city-submittal sets and drawings.

Through my experience and vast exposure to different cultures, I now find myself fascinated by the chance to experiment with the ever-changing nature of architecture. I strive to become a licensed architect, whose aspiration is found not only in the attempt to break conventions through innovative design, but also through the integration of the human factor and a multi-disciplinary expertise.

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Teodora Velkova

2017- 2020  Masters of Architecture, MArch 1

University of California, Los Angeles


Summer 2018  AA, Visiting school

Amman, Jordan

2013 - 2016  Bachelor of Architecture, RIBA Part 1

Oxford Brookes University, UK


 2020  James Conrad Architect, Architectural Designer

Spring 2020  UCLA, Teaching Assistant

07 - 11.2019  Kevin Daly Architects, LA, USA

Spring 2019  UCLA, Teaching Assistant

07 - 10.2018  Perkins + Will, LA, USA

01.09.16 - 24.02.17  MAD Architects, Beijing, China

Grants & Awards

2020 Third Prize Award Winner for Burnham 20/20 Competition, Awarded by The Chicago Architecture Club and AIA Chicago


2019 Design project exhibited as part of Best Projects for Mohamed Shariff's Studio Fall 2019


2019 Design proposal awarded Best Project for Jason Payne's Studio Spring 2019

2018 Design proposal awarded Best Project for Narineh Mirzaeni's Studio Fall 2018

2018 Winner of the 2018 CO Architects' Fellowship

2018 Winner of the AA's (Architecture Association) 2018 Jordan Visiting School highest scholarship prize

2018 Design proposal awarded Best Project for Michael Lowerich's Studio Spring 2018 

2017 Design proposal awarded Best Project for Julia Koerner's Studio Fall 2017 




Tel: +1 (310) 210-9453

Overland Ave., LA, CA, 90034